The 'Man Flu' Is A Real Thing


You ever feel like your brother, dad, friend, husband, or boyfriend overreact when they get sick? It might seem that way but apparently it's a real thing according to scientists! It's the man flu or man cold according to the Today Show

"Canadian researcher Dr. Kyle Sue, tired of hearing men’s complaints derided as exaggeration, decided to take a tour of the medical literature to see if there was any evidence to show that men actually do suffer more than women when they get the flu."

Apparently it goes back to hormones.

"that estrogen boosts the immune system, presumably making females of all sorts more resilient in the face of viruses. To back up his point, he cited a study which found that cells from pre-menopausal women had a stronger response to the cold virus than those from men, while cells from post-menopausal women had responses comparable to those of men."

So since men aren't females, they don't have this response and of course get sicker and are sicker longer. It's also another reason why men can't have kids! Basically, women are stronger! Now you have the scientific proof!

Next time they seem to be over exaggerating when they are sick, it might not be a joke unless they are trying to get out of school or work or an event! 

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