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News From The Bottom Of The Barrel

Tim Brooke & Barrel: May 30th: Is Luke Combs In Town

The morning before Luke Combs! In a recent interview Luke said he arrives in town on Thursday before his big weekend shows... So keep your eyes open and head on a swivel, and see if you see Luke Combs around town. We gave away tons more tickets for Luke's big shows this weekend, thank you to the KNIX Family for the love and support. A thread on Reddit went viral, of what are your strange random things you brag or flex about. We found out some interesting things about Tim, Brooke, and especially Barrel; his flex involves a superstar!

News From The Bottom Of The Barrel: Worlds Most Arrested Man Has Passed

Goodbye Earl! The infamous Henry Earl who has been arrested over 15000 times has passed away. In Other News... A man was too drunk to drive, instead of calling an uber, he had his 14 year old nephew drive for the first time. The young boy was all over the road, police stopped him... The drunk man told the police he was a driving teacher, thinking he would get out of any charges... he was arrested on many charges.

Tim Brooke & Barrel: May 29th; Who Did You See Before They Were BIG

This morning we gave away a TON of Luke Combs tickets, with tickets 25 after the hour, we love giving away Luke Combs tickets. Brooke has shared her story of seeing Luke Combs before he was famous many times. This morning on the KNIX Instagram we posted a video of Luke playing in our lobby here at KNIX, and no one knew who he was. We all shared stories of seeing someone before they made it, and Tim shared a crazy story involving the biggest star in the world.

News From The Bottom Of The Barrel: A New Submarine To Visit The Titanic

A billionaire from Ohio has partnered with the co founder of the ill fated OceanGate Submarine and built a new submarine to take visitors down to see the wreckage of the Titanic. The billionaire wants to prove that underwater exploration is safe.....In Other News... A daycare is in hot water after being caught putting ankle weights on children's legs, to prevent them from moving around so much

Tim Brooke & Barrel: May 28th, We Are Back From Our Long Weekend

KNIX Family! We Missed You! We Are Back!! We fill you in our vacations, and Barrel shares what made him cry on his vacation to the Indy 500. Brooke also fills us on the cause of her recent issue with her eyes, and its safe to say this problem only happens to Brooke!! We also did our Monday Morning Draft, "Things We Wish AI Would Be Okay If Replaced".. We also gave away a ton of Luke Combs tickets, you have a chance to win 25 after the hour all day on KNIX

Tim Brooke & Barrel: May 22nd: Common Advice You Do Not Agree With

This morning on The Tim Brooke & Barrel Show, we talked about the exciting news from our friends at the Arizona Diamondbacks, and how they are helping the KNIX Family out this summer. We broke down the viral trend on social media, "sandwich dressing", do you sandwich dress? Shockingly the only person on the show who does is, Barrel Boy, and he does not wear a shirt..... Luke Combs was asked what one record would he take to a deserted island, and only be able to listen to forever, we shared his response and what record we would take. We also talked about a topic that has been going around on social, what common advice do you not agree with. Brooke & Tim had a spirited debate about one involving advice most couples are given.

News From The Bottom Of The Barrel

A guy ordered a triple cheeseburger from McDonalds, and wanted nothing on it, no meat, no bread, NOTHING... he did it as a joke, clearly this guy needs to find something better to do with his time. In Other News... A young child was taught by his parents, in the case of emergency to dial 9-1-1... well the child thought it was an emergency, as he did not have any pizza. 9-1-1, responded and taught the young boy a lesson, and since he was such a good listener, they ended up getting him some pizza.

News From The Bottom Of The Barrel: A Underwater Vending Machine

The candy Airheads has launched a new product for summer, it is a first of its kind.... an underwater vending machine, that shoots Airheads out to you while you are underwater.... if you are interested the machine will only set you back $7,000!! In other news... a Florida man stole a school bus, no children were on the bus, and the man was caught quickly, as its hard to hide a school bus!

Tim Brooke & Barrel: May 21st: What Is Wrong With Brooke's Face

Yesterday after the show Brooke had to film something for our friends at Fox 10, just before filming, Brooke's face started to swell and get puffy under her eye. The same problem happened this morning to Brooke, we all have theories on what might be causing this, and the KNIX family also shared their thoughts.... We also today talked about what you will find on Lainey Wilson's backstage rider, and we shared what we would have on ours. We also shared some exciting news from Target, that we all will love to hear!