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A Fun Thanksgiving Poll

What time are you eating tomorrow, and what's the RIGHT time for Thanksgiving to start? 40,000 people voted online, and the most popular answer is between 3:00 and 4:30 P.M. About a third of us think Thanksgiving dinner should start later than that, and 23% said earlier. Here are a few more Thanksgiving questions . . .

1. Is turkey your favorite Thanksgiving food? Only 18% say it is. Also, 55% of people prefer white meat, while 45% prefer dark.

2. Is stuffing better when it's cooked inside the turkey? Just 16% say yes. 52% say no . . . 18% like both . . . and 14% have never had it that way.

3. Should mashed potatoes be completely smooth, or have a few lumps? The winner is LUMPS with 62% of the vote.

4. Do you like your gravy smooth, or with stuff like mushrooms and onions mixed in? 86% say smooth. Also, 19% say they'll put gravy on pretty much EVERYTHING tomorrow.

5. Does ham belong on the table at Thanksgiving? Pretty even split. 51% say yes, and 49% say no.

6. Is green bean casserole actually good? 61% say yes, 39% think it's gross.

7. Should you serve salad to start? 71% say no, stop messing around. But 29% of us would enjoy a salad first.

8. Is sweet potato casserole better with marshmallows on top? The majority say yes, but just barely. 51% say marshmallows, 49% say skip 'em.

9. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? You can only have one. 67% say pumpkin.

10. Is it okay to play Christmas music on Thanksgiving? 52% say YES, but there are rules: 29% are fine with it in general . . . 14% say yes, but only after dinner . . . and 9% say go for it, but only after everyone leaves. 

Female preparing traditional Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner in oven

Photo: Getty Images

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