Arizona Man Gave CPR To Save A Woman's Life All Thanks To The Office


This woman owes the Office a lot today because this show literally helped save her life according to People Magazine!

Cross Scott from Tucson, Arizona (the odds right since the Office's Steve Carell's character was named Michael Scott) was taking a driving test when he noticed something odd.

"He noticed a white sedan pulled off the road with its hazard lights on. He pulled over to assist the driver, as the outlet notes he does frequently given his expertise. But when he looked into the car, he saw the woman in the driver’s seat was slumped over the steering wheel, her lips blue."

He broke her window and began doing CPR - that he apparently learned from the Office! 

"In the episode, the employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company attempt to learn first aid from Carell’s character. While his insights are fraught, the one thing he does get correct is that using the Bee Gees’ hit disco song “Stayin’ Alive” is a good way to measure the tempo of chest compressions."

And that was just what he did! It worked! Thank goodness for TV! 

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