People Can Tell If You're Rich Just By Looking At Your Face


What do people see when they look at your face? Honesty? Regret? Sadness? Depression? Happiness? Fulfillment? Success? What about wealth? 

A new study from Journal Of Personality and Social Psychology according to CNBC has found that people can tell if you are rich or poor just by looking at their face and in their eyes. 

"The relationship between well-being and social class has been demonstrated by previous research, that these well-being differences are actually reflected in people's faces." R. Thora Bjornsdottir, a graduate student at the University of Toronto and co-author of the study, tells CNBC Make It.

You tend to be happier when you have more money and feel at a good place in your life compared to people who are struggling. Makes sense right? Same goes for health. 

This is probably also why people say you know someone just by looking at them. 

If you want to read more about the study, click HERE! It's very fascinating and interesting. 

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