People Are Mad That A Man Ate Soup Directly From A Hot Bar


There was a video released the other day showing a man eating straight from the soup laddle at a soup bar at the grocery store. 

According to the Today Show, this is what happened!

"In the video, a man is holding what looks like a bag of rolls (to wash down the soup, no doubt) or maybe some potatoes to make his own version at home. He then picks up a ladle — for those who need a reminder, a ladle is meant to scoop the soup from the public container into a bowl for personal use — and brought the large spoon to his mouth ... not once, not twice, but several times."

All I keep thinking about is that Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi saying "No Soup For You!"


As gross as it is, it makes you wonder what else happens at these areas in the grocery store! This can't be a first! I have seen people go through makeups at Target and put them back so I am sure this happens quite often among other things! Looks like I will have to start cooking my own stuff or finding out when the food goes out so I can get it right away! 

Tim Ben & Brooke

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