10 Struggles You Will Endure When Traveling With Family This Holiday Season

Elite Daily

Traveling to see family and friends during the holiday season can be fun once you arrive but traveling to get there always seems to be extra stressful especially if you are traveling with family!

According to Elite Daily, here are 10 things you know prepare to be a struggle when traveling WITH FAMILY this year!

1. Making decisions - where to go, etc. 

2. Planning the trip -booking flights, hotels, and so forth.

3. CROWDS - the worst part of traveling because it's when everyone and their mom seems to be going!

4. Where to eat

5. With family comes no boundaries

6. Smaller spaces than usual

7. No alone time or person space

8. ARGUMENTS and mostly stupid arguements too

9. The Who, What, When, Where, How and so forth of questions

10. The trip doesn't last long!

Can you relate to any of these from the past?! I know it's inevitable but better to prepare for the worse so you can appreciate the best!  

Tim Ben & Brooke

Tim Ben & Brooke

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