The Bottom Of The Barrel May 1st

Melbourne Florida 

A 32-year-old woman named Jane Marie Rome got drunk at sports bar last week.

When Ms Rome’s friends tried to cut her off, she became irate and called the cops for absolutely no good reason.

When the police arrived at the sports bar, Ms. Rome was found  stumbling around TOPLESS.

When the police asked Ms Rome why she called the police, she explained that she did it because she has, quote, "freedom of SPEAK."

Ms. Rome became so frustrated with the situation,  that she  picked up a big chunk of asphalt off the road  and threatened the police for them not standing  up for right of  “Freedom of Speak” ,

Shockingly Ms. Rome was arrested for disorderly intoxication

Raleigh, North Carolina

31-year-old  John O'Donnell broke into his female neighbor's apartment while she was sleeping over the weekend, and he stole ONE thing: A pair of jean shorts.

The police are thinking is this theft is related to some sort of weird fetish, however the exact reason for stealing only the jorts is unknown

What we DO know is that he's facing a felony charge for first-degree burglary, and he's in jail right now on a $50,000 bond . . . all over a single pair of jorts.

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