There's A Carb-Themed Hotel That Smells Like Fresh Bread All The Time

If you love to travel and you love carbs... I have the place for you! Behold.. the Bread & Breakfast hotel suite.

The new suite is a 'concept created by that is perfect for carb-lovers.' It literally comes with bread-printed wallpaper, comforters, and shower doors, but it's also covered in real bread and pastries you can actually eat!

According to Delish,

"... all the food gets replenished daily and, yes, it smells like fresh bread like all the time. In addition to all the treats inside the room, you'll also get a $100 credit to spend on the room service menu which includes things like mac and cheese, burgers, and chips."

You can book your stay at this limited-time-only suite from January 17 through 31, exclusively on for $225 per night!

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