iHeartCountry Festival

iHeartCountry Festival

See the best moments from our 2022 iHeartCountry Festival held Saturday, May 7, 2022 at the Moody Center in Austin, TX.


Jimmie Allen Shows Off His Best Moves During iHeartCountry Festival Debut

Photo: Daniel Cavazos for iHeartRadio

Jimmie Allen made his debut at the 2022 iHeartCountry Festival presented by Capital One in Austin, Texas, on Saturday (May 7).

Wearing a sparkling black jacket and leather pants, matching the rest of his band, he kicked off his set with an energetic performance of "Make Me Want To," dancing around the stage as he sings about the mysterious woman he meets in a bar, singing, "It might be too soon to say I love you but you're gonna make me want to."

He then toned things down as he grabbed an acoustic guitar for "Down Home," the song he dropped earlier this year written about his late father, James, who passed away in 2019. He previously spoke about how he hopes the track can help others who have also lost a loved one.

"It's a song that's actually helped me a lot because in the midst of missing my father, I think about him seeing everything I've got going on and it's like... even though he's gone, he's always with me," he said. "I hope this song finds its place in the world and this song helps people that have lost not only a father, or a parent, or a loved one just like the song has helped me."

After the personal track, a soulful guitar solo lead into "Best Shot," as Allen admits he's not perfect but pledges, "I'll love you, with everything I've got. Girl, I'll give you my best shot."

Allen closed out his set with "Freedom Was A Highway," his feel-good anthem with Brad Paisley, strutting along the stage to getting the crowd moving along. Before heading off the stage, he made sure to give a shoutout to all the heroes around the country, from school teachers to those who have served the country.

Allen is gearing up to release his new album Tulip Drive next month. Named after the street his grandmother lived on in Delaware, Allen said the album, which drops June 24, is "the first where I chose to write songs about my own personal experiences, thoughts and hopes.

The "Freedom Was A Highway" singer also recently opened up about mental health, using his track "Untitled Song" as a way to help others remember they're not alone.

"'Untitled Song' wrote this song about how I feel a lot of the time," he said. "Mental illness is something I have struggled with my entire life. Everyday is a constant battle with myself. To everyone struggling remember you're not alone and it's ok to say you're not ok. ♠️”

Photo: Daniel Cavazos for iHeartRadio

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