News From The Bottom OF The Barrel: More Mid Air Mayhem

Frontier Airlines A320 Landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Photo: Laser1987 / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

A female passenger who was flying on Frontier Airlines from Philly to Florida was caught on camera pulling down her pants and attempting to use the bathroom, after she was not allowed to use the airplane on the bathroom. Things keep getting more and more wild on airplanes, please everyone be safe and calm..... In Other News...If you're looking for something, you should always check the couch cushions. A lot of things might get hidden in there: Your phone, your keys, your wallet, the remote . . . maybe even a FUGITIVE.  That is what happened when the police looked in a supsects couch, she was hiding inside the couch, no word on the size of the suspect or the size of the couch.

News From The Bottom Of The Barrel, Brought To You By Chapman Chevy

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