News From The Bottom Of The Barrel:Balenciaga Selling Dirty Clothes For $5K

Balenciaga store exterior and sign at Johor Premium Outlet, Malaysia

Photo: Getty Images

Balenciaga is selling “dirty” outfits covered in holes for over $5,000!! The "fashion" company released their summer 2023 collection and it features “oversize jacket” and “super destroyed baggy trousers” with multiple pockets priced at nearly $3,000 and $2,300, respectively. Both items have large brown stains, with excessive holes in the back,.... In other news... Last Sunday, a SkyWest flight from L.A. to Houston was delayed over an hour because two of the flight attendants were FIGHTING. They refused to work together, and the airline needed to bring replacements in.

News From The Bottom Of The Barrel, Brought To You By Chapman Chevy

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