Midland Gets 'Autobiographical' With Their Latest Project

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Midland stopped by Good Morning America for a live performance of their latest single, “Adios Cowboy,” and the trio’s Mark Wystrach explained that the track is an “autobiographical” reflection of the band’s time on the road.

“Adios Cowboy” is one of 12 tracks to appear on Midland’s latest album, The Last Resort: Greetings From, which released earlier this year. The Grammy-nominated group deemed the project perfect for listeners to “check in, grab a cold one, and leave your worries at the door.”

  1. The Last Resort
  2. If I Lived Here
  3. Two To Two Step
  4. Taker Her Off Your Hands
  5. Sunrise Tells The Story
  6. And Then Some
  7. Longneck Way To Go
  8. Life Ain’t Fair
  9. King Of Saturday Night
  10. Paycheck To Paycheck
  11. Bury Me In Blue Jeans
  12. Adios Cowboy

Wystrach spoke on Good Morning America about working on their third studio album during the COVID-19 pandemic, following years of touring.

“It was the first time that we were able to kind of slow down and reflect on where we’ve come from to really understand where we wanted to go musically,” Wystrach explained on the show. “So, The Last Resort is really capturing a band reflecting on their musical influences, and essentially (the music is) kind of a love song to all of our heroes and the music that inspired us.

“We wrote it a while ago, on the road,” he added of “Adios Cowboy.” “I think there’s always a sprinkle of truth in these songs from the experience of being in a honky tonk country road band that spends way too much time away from home. It puts some stresses on the relationships, and a lot of this stuff is autobiographical.”

Watch the performance on Good Morning America here.

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