Speakeasies In The Valley

When it comes to cool and fun nightlife in Phoenix, there is nothing better than a speakeasy. A speakeasy got its roots during prohibition, where you had to speak softly while enjoying cocktails in a hidden secret bar. Prohibition has ended long ago, but that does not mean that you can enjoy some amazing speakeasies here in Phoenix. Check out some of these awesome speakeasies, the next time you are looking to enjoy a cocktail with friends.

  • The Mystery Room At The Arizona Biltmore.
    • This historic bar opened in 1929, and was once a playground for locals and celebrities, who enjoyed this invite only bar, you will find the Mystery Room in the basement of the Arizona Biltmore. For More Information CLICK HERE
  • Rokerij
    • This speakeasy is located in Phoenix in an old stone house, the speakeasy is found via a side door, this bar features awesome food and cocktails, and is a staple in Phoenix. For More Information CLICK HERE
  • The Ostrich
    • You will find The Ostrich in downtown Chandler, directly under the Crust pizza restaurant. The Ostrich has an extensive history, as it is one of Arizona's oldest speakeasy. For More Information CLICK HERE
  • Barter Shake
    • The local company Barter Shake has developed a series of cool speakeasy theme hidden bars, you have to check out their concepts Undertow, Platform 18, Gray Hen, these spots are a must, for more information on these fun spot CLICK HERE
  • The Poker Room At Lon's
    • Lon's at the Hermosa Inn has a vast history and good times by Arizona Residents. What many do not know is that there is a hidden poker room under the restaurant that was a speakeasy in the 1920s and is still used today on occasion. For More Information CLICK HERE

For More Speakeasies That You Can Enjoy CLICK HERE


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