Excuses Of Why Men Missed The Birth Of Their Child!

The birth of a child is an experience that every father should be present to experience. But that's not always how it turns out . . . A labor-and-delivery nurse on TikTok is sharing some of the "craziest reasons" fathers have missed the births of their children. And it doesn't include common ones like the father being out of town . . . or being at the hospital, but getting treated after PASSING OUT.

Here are the ones she shared:

1. He went to go get fast food . . . because he couldn't handle hospital grub.

2. He tried to squeeze in a nap at home . . . and had his phone on silent.


4. He went home to feed the cat . . . an OUTDOOR cat.

5. He left to talk to an ex in the parking lot..... It's unclear what that was about, but he didn't answer his phone. 

In the Hospital Close-up on Woman in Labor Pushes to Give Birth, Obstetricians Assisting, Husband Holds Her Hand. Modern Delivery Ward with Professional Midwives.

Photo: Getty Images

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