New Emoji's Coming

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This Sunday is World Emoji Day, and it looks like dozens of NEW emojis might be on the way soon . . .

The site Emojipedia says 31 new emojis could be approved in September and hit phones next year. That's actually NOT a lot. 121 were added in the last update, and 217 the time before that. Here are a few highlights from the new list . . .

1. A "Pink Heart" emoji. There's already a pink double-heart. But people have been asking for a normal one too. A "Blue Heart" and "Grey Heart" are also on the list.

2. "Donkey." Other new animal emojis include a "Moose" . . . a "Goose" . . . a "Black Bird" . . . and a "Jellyfish".

3. A "Shaking Face" emoji. It's supposed to mean you're shocked by something.

4. A "Wireless" or Wi-Fi emoji. We're a little surprised that one doesn't exist yet.

5. A "High Five" emoji. It's actually two emojis . . . one of a palm facing right, and one facing left. So together, it's a high five. 


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