Tim Ben & Brooke Have Come Up With Ways To Help You Save Money

We Know That We Are All Trying To Find Ways To Save Money. Here A Few Tips We Found To Save Money At The Gas Station And The Grocery Store. We Would Love To Hear Your Suggestions, To Let Us Know Your Tips, Simply Hit The Microphone In The Corner Of The iHeart Radio App And Talk Back To KNIX.

Shop on Wednesdays

What's so special about a Wednesday? Many grocery stores launch new sales midweek, generally on Wednesdays, so shoppers who browse the aisles then often get first access to new promotions and discounts. Plus, stores sometimes honor the previous week's coupons. Best of all, you can maximize your savings while shopping during a less busy time of the week.

Ibotta App

A Brand-new app to save money is Ibotta. You use it to see what offers you can get cashback on at my local grocery store. All the stores you normally shop at Walmart, Target, Safeway, Frys. Tons of items you use each day, the app is super easy to use and great savings. Once your account hits $20 in cash back they send you the money via paypal or a gift card.

For Example At Walmart

$2 Back On Dove Soap

$2 Back On Liquid Detergent

Tons of Savings SUPER Easy, Tons OF Good Deals

UpSide App

UpSide Is An App That Allows You To Save Money When You Go To The Gas Station. You Simply Download The UpSide App, Search Gas Stations In Your Area, See The Amount Of Cash Back You Will Receive At Each Station, Fill Up You Car, And Get Cash Back To Be Used For Gift Cards Or Directly Deposited To You.  Many Of Our KNIX Family Has Used UpSide, And Receive Hundreds Of Dollars Cash Back.

Man holding dollar banknote.young businessman holding money.Business and finances making and saving money concept.

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