Barrel Boy's Detroit Pizza Recipe

Today Is National Detroit Pizza Day, Barrel Boy Is From Detroit And Has Been Making Detroit Style Pizza For Years. What Is Detroit Style Pizza? The Detroit Style Pizza Is Not A "Classic" Round Pizza, Its Is A Distinctive Deep Dish Rectangular Pizza. The Story Is That Detroit Style Pizza Was Invented in 1946, At A Legendary Detroit Restaurant Buddy’s Rendezvous. Buddy's First Started Baking Their Pizza In Rectangular Steel Pans That Were Used For Parts, When The Detroit Auto Plants Were Used To Build Airplanes For World War II. After The War Ended, The Pans Were No Longer Needed, And The Idea To Bake A Pizza In Those Pans Was Born. Detroit Style Pizza Has Been A Staple In Barrel Boy's Family For Years, His Mother Helped Craft This Recipe And Passed On The Skills, So Enjoy This Family Recipe From Barrel Boy.

What Makes Detroit Pizza So Special?

  • The Pan: Detroit Pizza’s Are Made In Heavy Steel Pans, The Premier Detroit Pizza Pan Company is Lloyd Pans. CLICK HERE You Can Use A Heavy Metal Cake Pan. You Want A Heavy Square Pan, Ideally Stee;, But An Aluminum Pan Will Work
  • The Dough (Recipe Below) . The Dough Is Light On the Inside And Crispy On The Outside.
  • The Cheese. Barrel Boy Uses A 50-50 Mix Of White Cheddar And Mozzarella. Traditionally Brick Cheese Is Used, However That Is Very Hard To Find In Arizona. The Most Important Part Is That The Cheese Is Applied From Edge To Edge Of The Dough. The Cheese Carnalizes Around The Edges, Creating The Unique And Amazing Detroit Cheese Crust.
  • The Sauce On The Top. Unlike Traditional Pizza, The Sauce Is Not Spread On The Dough, The Sauce Is Spread On Top Of The Cheese. Barrel Boy Applies The Cheese 1/2 Way Through The Baking Of The Pizza.

Steps To Make Barrel Boy's Detroit Style Pizza

  1. ·Make The Detroit Pizza Dough, See The Video Below For Legendary Detroit Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo’s Recipe. The Dough Will Take A Few Hours, Do Not Rush The Process.
  2. ·Apply The Grated Cheese Mixture, You Will Want To Use A 50-50 Blend Of White Cheddar Cheese And Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese.
  3. ·Make Your Sauce For The Detroit Pizza, You Can Use Your Favorite Store Bought Sauce, Or Make Your Own Sauce, Use Whatever You Like.
  4. ·Apply The Toppings Of Your Choice To The Top Of The Cheese Covered Dough
  5. ·Place Oven Rack At Its Lowest Setting And Bake At 475 Degrees.
  6. ·Bake For 8 Minutes At 475 Degrees, After 8 Minutes, Pull The Pizza Out And Apply The Sauce, You Will Want To Apply The Sauce In Horizontal Stripes Across The Pizza, Either 2-3 Stripes. Think That You Are Applying Racing Stripes To Your Pizza… It Is A Detroit Pizza Afterall.
  7. ·Place The Pizza Back In A Oven, And Rotate The Pan 90 Degrees From Its Original Position
  8. ·Bake The Pizza For An Additional 6-8 Minutes, You Want The Cheese To Be Golden Brown, You Will Want To Monitor The Pizza During The Final Stage.
  9. ·Pull The Pizza Out Of The Oven And Let Cool For 3-5 Minutes.
  10. ·ENJOY!!

If You Have Any Questions, Hit Up Barrel Boy

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