'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Makes One Of The Worst Guesses Ever

Photo: Getty Images

Watching Wheel of Fortune at home is a lot easier than actually being on the show. At your house, you are relaxed and comfortable, but on the set, you have hot lights shining down on you, thoughts running through your head of the millions of people watching you, and of course, the pressure of wanting to win. With all that going on, some contestants are bound to get a little confused at times, and that's just what happened on Thursday to a guy named Matt.

Matt spun the wheel and chose the letter "N." There were actually three in the puzzle, which at the end of his turn showed "TH_ N_ _ T _ _ N _ R _ T _ _ N." In the lead with $9,900, Matt tried to solve it, but even though his guess in no way fit what was showing on the board and didn't make much sense, he went with, "The Best Buttercut."

While there is some debate over whether Matt said "buttercut" or "buttercup," it doesn't make too much of a difference because either way, it wasn't right. Host Pat Sajak was clearly confused by the guess, responding, "Uh....no."

Twitter had a field day over the absurd answer. One person described it as "something a person might say when the anesthesia wears off."

The correct answer was actually "The Next Generation."

Matt still wound up winning the game though, and while he missed out on $50,000 by not being able to solve the bonus puzzle, he left with $23,350 in cash and prizes... as well as one of the wildest guesses the show has ever seen.

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