Shots Reportedly Fired At Billie Lourd's Home By Angry Construction Worker

Authorities were recently called to Star Wars actress Bille Lourde's home in Los Angeles after gun shots were fired by an angry construction worker.

As per TMZ, LAPD raced over to the Beverly Hills resident, where the new mom, 28, is combining the homes of her late mother and grandmother, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, into one estate. As the story goes, one construction worker was recently let go from the job, so he pulled out a rifle and aimed it at another worker. The unidentified construction worker then fired at least one shot into the ground. Authorities are still on the hunt for the gunman, who fled the $18 million 3.5 acre estate and was not immediately arrested.

While Lourd was not home at the time of the incident, it's the last thing she wants, considering she welcomed her first child, a son named Kingston, in September with Austen Rydell. The new parents' name for their boy is in honor of her mother, who passed away in December 2016. Billie's uncle, Todd Fisher, shared some backstory about the origins of Kingston's name. "I was very touched Billie chose to honor her mother by naming her son Kingston Fisher," he told E! News. "It was very unexpected. Billie has been known as Billie Lourd her whole life. It is a very loving thing to give that homage back to Carrie."

Photo: Getty Images