Priscilla Block Is An Overnight Country Star

It's been awhile since someone's come out of nowhere to shake up country music . . . and isn't that an obvious setup. I'm talking about PRISCILLA BLOCKand her song"Just About Over You".

It came out Wednesday and in a minute it debuted at Number One on the iTunes Country chart and is also at the top of the iTunes All-Genre chart. So how did people even know about her? The Internet, of course.

Her songs"Thick Thighs"and"PMS"have been racking up hits on TikTok. And it was a little over two weeks ago that she a clip of herself in her bedroom doing an a cappella version of "Just About Over You".

Fans loved it so much they helped raise money for her to record it as a single. That's the version on iTunes. But don't worry, she's not the next "Walmart yodeling flash-in-the-pan." She's been paying her dues, and she's ready. And thankful.

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