You Can Now Let George Strait Read Your Kids a Bedtime Story

Georige Strait is here to help.

The country legend recently participated in Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott's Stars of Texas Storytime program, which is a Facebook Live program that features Texas celebrities reading children's stories, and Strait's book was Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinnerby Gareth Edwards.

"Never ask a dinosaur to dinner, really, never ask a dinosaur to dinner. Because a T-Rex is ferocious, and his manners are atrocious, and you'll find that if he's able, he'll eat the kitchen table. He'll grow fatter while the rest of you grow thinner, so never ask a dinosaur to dinner," Strait began before turning the book around to show the illustration to the camera. "He's at the dinner table, eating with the kids and the momma and he shouldn't be," the singer remarked of the large blue reptile. After making his way though the book, which took around six minutes, Strait told the camera, "That's all for this book, hope you liked it. Remember, never ask a dinosaur to dinner — I know I'm not going to. Hope you don't either. Thanks for listening."

Watch it above!

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