NY Woman Gave Birth To A 15lb Baby & She's Our Champion Of 2020

On March 12, a woman by the name of Joy Buckley from New York gave birth to her second child. Seems normal... but this baby was a record-breaking 15-pound baby girl named Harper.

Yes. She weighed 15 pounds and measured 23-inches. Baby Harper is the largest baby the Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira, New York has ever seen.

According to Delish,

Because of the little one's size, however, delivery escalated quickly for Buckley, who told Women's Health that she got sick from "all of [her] organs being moved around so violently." Plus, it required a C-section and a medical "vacuum," because the newborn, "who's so large because of big genetics per the doctor," got stuck under her ribs.

Just a few years ago, Joy and her husband were told by doctors that they had less than a 15 percent chance of becoming pregnant. This mom deserves a HUGE round of applause for this!