YouTuber Has Her Own Coffee Line & People Are Mad About The Price

Let me introduce you to YouTube star Emma Chamberlain. She's huge in the Youtube world has millions of followers and now she has a coffee line. Think of it as coffee tea-bags that you let sit in hot water called Chamberlain Coffee (based on her name.)

Would you pay $60 for coffee? As of now, she’s selling them online at $60 for a pack of 30 (plus shipping) but you can also buy smaller packs for a smaller price.

According to Delish,

People have thoughts about this online. “Why is Emma Chamberlain selling coffee for $60?!?!?!” one wrote onTwitter. Another accusedChamberlain of “scamming” her fans.

Other people don’t seem to have a problem with the price. I guess whatever makes you happy right? What's something expensive that you buy?

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