Apparently Kanye West Celebrated His Birthday In Flagstaff, AZ

Kanye West apparently spent part of his 42nd birthday weekend in Arizona.

He was seen at Teppan Fuji, which is a Japanese hibachi and sushi restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona. The restaurant shared several photos on their Facebook page of Kim and Kanye photos with the staff over the weekend.

According to ABC 15,

As for what brought West to Flagstaff, that remains a mystery. There were no hints posted to his or his wife's social media pages.
Though Roden Crater, a decades-old art project by artist James Turrell that is currently being built inside a volcanic cinder cone, is a half-hour drive from Flagstaff, according to ASU News. It is not open to the public and West is reported to have donated $10 million to the effort. He previously visited the site late last year.

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