Hundreds Are Dead After a Terror Attack as Sri Lanka Picks Up the Pieces

After tragedy struck in Sri Lanka where three churches and four hotels were hit by suicide bombers on Easter Sunday, the Islamic State is now claiming responsibility and officials say it might have been retaliation for last month’s mosque attacks in New Zealand.There are also reports that Sri Lanka had been warned ahead of time about an impending attack, but did not act on the intelligence. Dave Lawler, Axios world editor, joins us for what we know so far.

Next, the business of donating human eggs can be very lucrative, with some agencies paying as much as $50,000 per cycle in some cases, but donors say it can be confusing to navigate the process and leaving some unaware of the risks.Often the marketing doesn’t match the experience. Paris Martineau, writer for Wired, joins us for a look into the egg donation industry.

Finally, health experts have said that sitting too much or living a sedentary lifestyle can be hazardous to your health.Researches wanted to quantify how much people are sitting and found that Americans are sitting more than ever and the habits are starting young. Brianna Abbot, health reporter for the WSJ, joins us for how teens have become more sedentary than adults and computers may be to blame.

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