Lindsay Ell Explains Why 'Criminal' Is Her Favorite Song (VIDEO)


Lindsay Ell has just released her new single "Criminal," and she sat down with us to explain why it's her favorite song to play live.

Between her and her band, it's their favorite song to play live. As someone who's known for her guitar talent, she says this song helps her go somewhere in "guitar world," that she can't go in every song.

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She told us that "Criminal" is the song off The Project, which she's had the longest. When it came to writing the song, she said "I remember the day I wrote it, and walking out of the writing room that day being like, this is something special. I knew it was going to be important to me and my career."

With having the song for two years, playing it live the past two years, and now being her single, it's a full circle moment for her with this specific song. The song shaped everything that is her album, and she said, "I'm really happy now, that it can be the single."

Listen to "Criminal" below.



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