First of all, what am I 90??? 

When I woke up Christmas morning, I never thought I would end up in the Emergency Room at Scottsdale Healthcare 6 hours later, but that's exactly what happened. Vanessa's son Dylan got a new BMX bike from Santa for Christmas so of course we had to drive to the dirt track at McDowell Regional Park in our pajamas a few hours later to let him test ride it. And of course I had to bring my bike "to show him how's it's done" and possibly to impress my girlfriend and her parents a little too. Long story short, I hit a big jump wrong and ended coming straight down on my left side with the brunt of the impact landing on the ball of my hip joint, which in turn sheared clean-off in my now fractured hip.  

The outpouring of support since my accident has been amazing, overwhelming, and I can't thank God enough for putting Vanessa in my life to help me through this time of frustrating immobility. Her amazing kids have been great too opening up their home to me and we've all bonded very quickly during this time. 

Thank you all again for your unconditional love and support! I'm hobbling around on crutches like a madman and keeping the pain regulated the legal way. See you back in the studio on January 6th! 


(Caution photos are not for those with a weak stomach.)

Click here to see how bad the break was, and the recovery process.

Of course, an serious injury on our show wouldn't be official until Ben wrote a parody song about it.  Actually, he penned two... so far! 

Here's a his take on 'Felt Good On My Lips' now known as 'Matt Broke His Hip'

And, of course, Ben couldn't resist a Gordon Lightfoot paordy so here's 'The Wreck of the Matt McAllister'