Joe Nichols hasn't missed any tour dates even though he recently admitted to having back surgery.

Joe had back surgery at the end of June for an injury in the lower part of his back caused by a lot of long distance running. Doctors had to cut away some bone from one of his vertebra and also removed some ligaments.

Joe’s doctor asked him to take at least two weeks off, but Joe wasn't about to do that at all. He said to the doctor, “I gotta work. I gotta go back to work on Friday. I have babies to feed. I can’t just not do anything for two weeks.”

Joe went against doctors orders and with barely any down time was back on stage just four days after surgery. Nichols says he doesn't feel the surgery has hurt his performance and he doesn't think fans can even tell that he's still in a bit of pain. The only thing that bothers him is that he's unable to lift his kids and he's afraid he's hurting his daughter Dylan's feelings.