Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan are among the stars who raked in the most music bucks last year.

Taylor tops Billboard's 2014 Money Maker List, taking in close to $40-million in album sales, digital downloads and touring. Right behind her is Kenny, whose combined touring and record sales brought his payout to almost $33 million. Luke, whose stock has been rising steadily over the last couple of years, comes in at number eight.

The Top 10 Billboard Money Makers:

1. Taylor Swift, $39,699,575.60

2. Kenny Chesney, $32,956,240.70

3. Justin Timberlake, $31,463,297.03

4. Bon Jovi, $29,436,801.04

5. The Rolling Stones, $26,225,121.71

6. Beyonce, $24,429,176.86

7. Maroon 5, $22,284,754.07

8. Luke Bryan, $22,142,235.98

9. Pink, $20,072,072.32

10. Fleetwood Mac, $19,123,101.98