Fans got a little more Dierks Bentley info during a Facebook fan chat Monday night than they ever dreamed. Monday night Dierks joined fans on Facebook to promote Tuesday’s (Feb. 25th) release of his new album, Riser.

Dierks posted a picture of him doing the chat on his Instagram account but that picture also included his personal e-mail address. Fans caught it right away and suddenly started sending Dierks e-mails….thousands of emails!

“Oops,” Dierks tweeted along with a screen shot showing a bunch of e-mails.

An hour later, he posted, “phone is gonna need some more GBs. yikes!”

His final post of the night: “omg… y’all are killing me! definitely my most ‘personal’ album release ever. cant help but love the emails/stories.”

The Dierks account has since been shut down.