Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, age 46, was found dead Sunday in his New York City apartment of an apparent drug overdose.

Reports say Hoffman was scheduled to pick up his children at 9am Sunday morning and when he didn’t show up – unlike him – a friend went to his apartment to check on him.

Hoffman was reportedly found in his bathroom with a needle still in his arm. According to police there were allegedly ten drug packets on the counter eight of which were empty. The two remaining contained heroin.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman had admitted to drug problems in past years. He was sober for 23 years until 2012 when he admitted to falling of the wagon again. He entered rehab back in May of 2013 for a short stay.

Hoffman won an Oscar for his 2005 performance as Capote in the film Truman Capote. He had rolls in over 50 films in his 25 years of acting. Among his movies Moneyball, Scent of a Woman, Twister, Boogie Nights and most recently The Hunger Games series. Hoffman was seven days from completely filming on the latest hunger Games. Producers say we will see him in the film when it’s released later this year.