It all started with one question.... is there someone passionate for Donald Trump that would be willing to get a 'Trump Stamp'? 

The Ben & Matt Show on 102.5 KNIX decided to ask the people of Arizona if there would be ANYONE willing to do it! The prize?

A pair of 'Country Mega Tickets' to see EVERY country music concert coming to Phoenix. 

After 3 volunteers, who all backed out, Travis from Apache Junction claimed he was ready & willing to get the tattoo for tickets. 

When asked if he was a Trump supporter he plainly said, "No." However, he emphasized the he wasn't a Trump hater. He goes on to explain he's a huge fan of country music and he's doing it simply to get access to see his favorite artists live. 

See time lapse video of Bubba Erwin of Old Town Ink giving Travis his Trump Stamp:

The best part? He called his mother LIVE on air to tell her what was going on! Her reaction is PRICELESS!! Listen below:

Check out all the photos below: 

PHOTO: Brooke For 102.5 KNIX