We woke up in Albuquerque this morning, about 6am with the intention that we would meet for breakfast at 7:00am and be on the road about 7:30am. All of the misfits came down one by one, except for ONE..... STU!  We called and called him and nothing, we were prepared to leave him, our driver Chance went to get the van, and who was sitting in the passenger seat... Stu; now how in the heck did he get there.... we do not know!!!

We woke up with about $60 to our name, and we had less then 100 miles left in the van.... We decided before we had to meet Joyce for our job; we decided to drive to see our Clear Channel station in Albuquerque, and beg for money. In exchange for them helping us we had to pick up cigarette butts, it was gross, but we needed the money! We were now off to see Joyce, she was the lovely lady who bought us dinner last night. Our job was to clean up a construction project. Now if you think this job was easy and fake..... you are WRONG. We were busting concrete, hauling debris. Misfit Creston found his dream.....a jackhammer, that big dude was loving his life. We worked for a few hours, and Joyce payed us very very well. We were all so happy, that instead of focusing on the trip, we decided to take a break and go see where Breaking Bad was filmed. We found the house where Walter lived, the car wash, and other landmarks from the show. We even bought some Blue Sky.... not the meth, but a candy replica! 

While driving around we had some MAJOR DRAMA! Long story short.... Stu had to fax something, god only knows what.... well he disappeared for a while, and wanted us to pick him up. Problem is we had no idea where he was, so the girls said get back to the van. When Stu showed up the van, all hell broke loose. Adama and Stephanie tore Stu apart, I will say it was a first class chewing!!! 

We were enjoying lunch when we got the call.... We had to be in Amarillo for our next job and for our place to stay, only problem, we had to be there in 4 hours, and the drive was longer then that. We got our lunch to go; and hauled butt to Amarillo. Thank you to our driver Chance we made it to Amarillo. 

We met David, who we met thru a KNIX listener; David runs the Paramount Baptist Church; he is a truly amazing man. In exchange for a place to stay at his facility we had to help the community of Amarillo. We joined a group of about 100 people from the community and packed food bags for hungry children in the Amarillo School District. it was truly moving, in 40 minutes, we packed over 4,800 bags of food. Our misfits had some drama before this event; but after helping the less fortunate we really came together as a crew. Adama was crying with tears of joy; we all were hugging, we left that event feeling amazing. 

David took us to his church, where we welcomed with a hot homemade meal. The food was great, but the company was even better. After dinner David showed us where we were sleeping. We did not have any expectations, and were happy to have a roof over our head.... WELL.... Our "bed rooms" we found out was the church's game room. When I say game room, I am talking about flat screen TVs; leather couches galore, video games, pool tables and more. Seriously it was like sleeping in Dave & Busters. 

Tomorrow we are off to Oklahoma City, and things will get really interesting.... We have very little lined up, we are working here at the church in the morning, and then we are dead in the water. We have enough money to make it to Oklahoma City, because of the kidness of Joyce. However regarding where we are going to sleep, or eat, or make more money we are basically stuck.... So if you can help, please we need you. Please reach out and help however you can.

We will make it to Austin, however it is not going to be easy, we are going to have to stretch the dollar and conserve fuel, but we will make it. We are getting to Austin, and I do not know how, but we are getting into the iHeart Radio Country Festival.

Again if you can help, please reach out! Barrelboy@knixcountry.com