Today has been a roller coaster of a day. We woke up to David from the Paramore Baptist Church brining us donuts, breakfast burritos and coffee. Seriously the families we dealt with in Amarillo were beyond welcoming.

After breakfast, the church asked us to help them set up for a few events that they had going on. We moved chairs, swept floors, set up tables, really easy stuff, and we were glad to help. Something really cool that Paramore does at their church is they have lessons for the refugees that come to Amarillo. Believe it or not Amarillo gets a TON of refugees who come to work in the cattle and meat packing business. The program at the church was very moving, and makes you realize how lucky we are to live in America.

After we finished our work at the church, David and his crew invited us to lunch at Blue Sky, which we were told was the best burger in Amarillo and possibly all of Texas. After having the burger; I have to agree it is DANG GOOD! The crew at Blue Sky heard our story and comped our lunch. Seriously again the people of Amarillo are some of the nicest people on earth! 

We said goodbye to our friends in Amarillo and headed for Oklahoma City. Now we knew our resources were going to run dry in Oklahoma City, but we had hope that something would happen in our favor..

Just after we left Amarillo we got a Facebook message about a taco shop that had $50 for us. We jumped at this as we only had about $70 to our name..... We had an idea we maybe doing something kind of odd here, but we had no idea how odd. Well.... the owner of Pony Express Burritos gave us two pony costumes and said put these on and get me some business. So Creston and Adama suited up and joined me in my barrel on the corner of the road. We jumped around and caused quite a scene, and I will be honest, I do not think this part of Texas was ready for what we were doing. We got many looks, and the local police officer drove past us a few dozen times.... Now while working we realized someone was missing...... STU! Again the dude dodges work, and this time he went to a local store to try and buy a wig..... Now why would Stu want a wig.... because this morning he decided to wear shoes with dice in the heals....please remember we worked at a church in the bible belt of Texas with a man wearing pimp shoes.... I am telling you this Stu is a one of a kind.

After our jobs as ponies we headed for Oklahoma City, we filled up with gas, and were down to $123.16. It quickly became obvious that we were hitting a really really rough patch... We began to realize we had no jobs for additional money in Oklahoma City, n place to stay and the only food we had was our groceries from Albertsons.... This was going to get really interesting. Thankfully a KNIX listener got in contact with us and provided us with a discount code for a hotel. We found a hotel in Oklahoma for $53 after tax. This discount code was huge because we found a place to stay that we could afford. Now this was not the 4 seasons, and the room faces I-40 so it is far from silent, and the entire misfit crew is one room.... SLUMBER PARTY!!!!!

Oh yea how could I forget the huge new drama.... NO Stu did not cause this drama. Misfit Stephanie found in the middle of Texas that her pictures had been used in a catfish scam. She found out when the TV show Catfish called her and told her. We thought it was a joke, however after some research she found it was all true. Poor Stephanie is trying to figure this out with a cell phone that can't  find service, it was crazy to watch it all unfold. 

Now for the tough part..... We have budged for fuel, and we need some new wipers for the van, so we are left with about $13 for Dallas. Now we have some really good leads on jobs for Dallas, and we should be able to make some money. Hopefully we will be working at a Harley Davidson dealership outside of Dallas, only problem we were going to be doing a bike wash, and BBQ for money..... well it supposed to storm all day... This could "RAIN ON OUR PARADE"  Our second job we think will be working at  the legendary Dallas country bar Billy Bob's! My good buddy DeeJay Silver made some calls and got us this gig, now what we will be doing I do not know. Honestly right now we will do ANYTHING. 

We have to hustle as hard as we can in  Dallas as it our last day to make money before Austin. I would be lying if I felt that we were in good shape, but I am confident we will make it. We have some smart people on this trip, and we can make it work.... I HOPE.

Now I want to thank you for helping us find a job at Pony Express Burritos, I also want to thank you for helping us get a discount code for our room. If it were not for you helping us with those two things, we would be broke and stranded! 

Tomorrow is a big day, and they say anything is possible in Dallas, so we are going to test the theory!

Thank you so much for following along on our journey!