I will be really honest with you all, I am exhausted as I write this. It is is about 1am here in Dallas, and we just finished working for the day. We rolled out of Oklahoma City about 7am this morning with the destination of Dallas Texas. The drive down was super easy, and morale in the van was really good. This was surprising as we had all slept 7 of us in one hotel room in Oklahoma City.... I will say our hotel in Oklahoma City was ok, but the FREE breakfast was amazing, and we may or may not have eaten everything we could get our hands on.

We arrived into Dallas about 11:30am; our first job was to stop by Harley Davidson of Dallas, we really had no idea what were going to do, as our job of a bike wash and bbq was not happening as it was 45 degrees and raining. Harley Davidson of Dallas asked us to go flyer some local business and promote their upcoming demo day. We hit some local business and worked as fast as we could, as money and jobs were popping up all over Dallas for us. While we were promoting the demo day, Stu found a way to get us some free lunch from Twin Peaks. This was key because we were broke as a joke! 

Out of no where Creston got a phone call from his uncle, his uncle had a friend who lived about 45 minutes south of Dallas and he had work for us. We jumped in the van and took off.... We arrived in a rural town looking for Frisbee Auto and Car wash... We met Lori from Frisbee Auto and Car Wash and she gave us the job of cleaning out the car washes. Seemed simple, until it became apparent that every muddy car in Texas had washed off in the car washes.... there was mud everywhere. We dove in on the job and worked as fast as we could, as we had another job waiting for us in 45 minutes. 

We finished our job at Frisbee Auto and Car Wash and took off like a bat out of you know where for Billy Bobs in Fort Worth Texas. While driving we talked to the good people at Billy Bobs and found out we would be working until the early morning hours.... This was great... BUT.... we realized we would not be sleeping tonight... This was ok with the misfits as we needed the money; However our driver Chance needed to sleep for the Austin push. So we took our money from our jobs so far in Dallas and got Chance a room. Our plan was to have Chance sleep from 7pm until we got home from working Billy Bobs; we would get ready and be on the road about 4am. This was a good idea, until we realized how much work we had at Billy Bobs. 

Our day at Billy Bob's began with us again out promoting and meeting people. This was great as I met some wild people, I now have a best friend in Thailand, seriously I do... Check out the KNIX Facebook page to see the video... PRICELESS. After promoting the bar until about sundown, we headed back to Billy Bob'. We met our boss for the night.... Marty. Marty has run Billy Bob's for the past 19 years, Marty is a true legend and has stories for years! Marty gave us a hot dinner, which was key as we had been living off our Albertsons groceries. After dinner it was on, the misfits split up and worked all around the bar. We were stocking ice, hauling beer, helping run misc stuff..... To be honest we were doing whatever it took to make money. 

Now here it is 1:32 in the morning and we are all just getting home. To say we have some tired misfits would be an understatement. We have made enough money to get us to Austin, but..... no where enough money for hotels or tickets to the show. We have come to the conclusion that tomorrow we are going to have to work even harder, cross our fingers, and beg to make this happen. We all understand we may have suffered and worked so hard for nothing.... We very well could be in Austin with nothing.

As crazy as it sounds even if we do not go to the show, I am ok with it... This has been a journey like no other, we got in this van on Monday as strangers, and have had some drama, some tears, and tons of laughs and joy. I now can say no matter what I have new friends forever form this journey. Now do not get me wrong it will really stink if we do not get into the show... We refuse to give up, but with our current money situation things are looking really bleak....