() The Wiki-Weapons project by Defense Distributed, which has for months been striving toward its goal of creating a fully functional 3D-printed gun, has succeeded in the first tests of a firearm created using only a 3D printer.

Although much of the project up until now has been showing off plastic printed components for rifles and magazines, the gun tested last week was a .380 handgun, which Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson told TheBlaze in a phone interview Monday was always the goal to develop.

Meet the “Liberator.”

Wilson said that while they were waiting for their federal firearms license request to go through, something which was granted to them in March, they worked on printing the gun parts they legally could in the mean time. For weeks, the parts of the handgun were tested individually but on May 1 it all came together for its first shot.

As a safety precaution, it was test fired remotely at first.

“It was a big question mark. I was quite nervous, excited, giddy,” Wilson said.

After the remote fire was successful, Wilson said he felt comfortable allowing it to be fired by hand.

“I thought ‘oh my, this is going to work,’” he said.

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