Erika W.

Camelback High School

Typically, librarians are known for being boring and dull. However, Mrs. Wimble is definitely not your ordinary librarian. As a student assistant in the library, it's not hard to understand why so many kids flock to the library every day. She brings the library to life and makes everyone feel welcome. She opens the library before school, during lunch and keeps the library open for hours after school. She selflessly devotes herself and her time to help students who lack the funds/resources. For instance, during my freshman year of highschool, I was looking for a copy of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, but unfortunately the library was out of copies. Luckily, Mrs. Wimble, who I was not very familiar with at the time, let me borrow a personal copy. I can say that Mrs. Wimble has never let me down. As a matter of fact, earlier this year, I had to fax out tax forms to multiple schools and I spent sixty dollars on just one school alone. I spoke to Mrs. Wimble and she came in on a Saturday morning so that I could fax my documents through the school. Mrs. Wimble has pushed me and has given me the opportunity to grow and accomplish great things. She bought me a copy of The Real ACT Prep Guide and would constantly make me study. Because of her, I was able to score a 30 on my ACT. Although I doubted myself, her confidence in me never wavered. Although she can be tough on me, I know it is only because she wants the best for me and all other Camelback students. In retrospect, I believe she has to be one of the main reasons for my success at Camelback High School; throughout my time at Camelback (I am now a senior), she has always been a role model for students and the staff.

Jonathan Morales