Andrea C.

Tuscano Elementary School

Andrea Czoka is a model teacher for the most special students at our school. She teaches in a self-contained, cross-categorical classroom comprised of students with any one or more of 13 disability classifications. Every morning she greets all of the buses as they arrive at the school (743 students) and gives each student an individual, warm welcome and encouraging word to begin their day. Our school believes that every student is capable of success with no exceptions. The main component to this philosophy is that an adult will stand with each student, lift them up, help them learn, model all of the pillars of character and show them how to be the best they can be. She does more than support our students, though. She also supports our teachers. She is a great mentor to new teachers, showing them procedures, helping with schedules, and walking them through the myriad of events every school hosts throughout the year. And, if that's not enough, she takes on fund raising responsibilities to insure her students have what they need when budget cutbacks and shortfalls occur. Through her random acts of kindness and true caring nature, Ms. Czoka is truly a teacher deserving of recognition.

Suanne Willis