Autumn H.

Hermosa Vista elementary

Mrs. Higbee has a tough first grade class. Every single day there's a number of kids that need extra attention, whether behavior problems, emotional problems, any problems. I have witnessed her comfort kids when needed, I've witnessed her patience with kids when needed. I've witnessed so many times, this teacher take time to help her kids when necessary. I'm a parent volunteer in her class, and recently the kids were given a project to do at home, with the help of their parent or guardian. Each child was assigned a desert animal and were to do a simple report whereas they basically filled in the blanks and drew pictures, and they were to make a display that they were to present to the entire 3rd grade. Although Mrs.Higbee kept on top of email and text reminders about the project, the day before the presentation, a number of kids had no project to present. These empty handed kids looked down as they quietly said they had no project. Mrs. Higbee, instead of having these kids sit out of the presentation, rushed the day before and the day of the presentation, doing everything she could do to make sure all her kids made a project to present. These kids made their displays literally in the nick of time to present their project. The proud looks of accomplishment on these kids faces spoke louder than words could say. These quiet kids, some I rarely heard talk at all, were confident enough to speak about their animals in front of the 3rd grade classes. Mrs Higbee rides a motorcycle to work, so her daughter can drive the car to and from school and work. Mrs. Higbee attends college after school to further her education in different subjects, as well as Mrs. Higbee is a parent, kids of her own to raise. My admiration is so high for teachers in general, and for the staff at Hermosa Vista elementary in Mesa. As a mother, my expectations for Hermosa Vista were high when my daughter began school in kindergarten. I could not be more impressed by the love, compassion, and dedication of this 1st grade teacher. So many parents have no idea what goes on in their children's classroom, no idea the amazing ways Mrs. Higbee encourages their kids, and helps these kids, not only educating them, but boosting their confidence as well. I feel this woman deserves to be recognized for all she does, for that extra mile she goes caring for these kids, ensuring they each one receives the golden opportunity to learn, to be educated. Thank you for your time.

Kendra Marshall