(KFYI News) – A math teacher at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley was arrested Wednesday after being drunk in class.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office says students called the principal's office to report that Kathleen Jardine, 57, was obviously intoxicated in class was was stumbling, slurring her speech, and swearing and yelling at students.

Sheriff Paul Babeu says the school resource officer, who was a sheriff's deputy, confronted Jardine, who eventually admitted she had been drinking the night before, that morning before school, and even in the classroom during her lunch hour.  Deputies confiscated an empty vodka bottle, an empty single-serving wine bottle, and a half-full bottle of orange drink (pictured below) as evidence.

Sheriff Babeu says the students did the right thing by reporting Jardine.  He says that even though it was early in the school year, students knew something was wrong.  "They've been at school for a few weeks now, long enough that the students could tell that this was something out of sorts."

Babeu says it's not the first time Jardine's drinking has led to problems for her.  "Back in 2011, in New Mexico in a school district there, we have learned that she had been fired at the beginning of the school year for the very same thing," he told KFYI News.

"Then we find out that the day before, on Tuesday, she was arrested for super-extreme DUI in a school zone in Gilbert," Babeu added, saying that after that arrest, her blood alcohol level tested at more than 0.25%, which is more than three times the 0.08% legal limit for driving.

Jardine's blood alcohol level after her arrest at school on Wednesday was above 0.20%.

PHOTO: These are the bottles Pinal County deputies seized after arresting teacher Kathlee Jardine at school.

(Photos courtesy Pinal County Sheriff's Office)