(KFYI News) Phoenix police say since June 2013, suspect Alfredo Juarez Gandarilla has been defrauding citizens of thousands of dollars by posing as a realtor and offering to sell homes he has no authority to sell. He changes his occupation, sometimes telling victims he works for himself or he  works for a realty company.  

Once he identifies a home seeker and a property, Gandarilla usually does not go with the victim to look at the home. Instead, he provides the address and the lockbox code.  

Phoenix Police  are not sure how he gets the lockbox codes.  Once an unsuspecting person determines they want to purchase the home, Gandarilla asks for a down payment and has the victim sign a contract. down payments have ranged from $1500 dollars to $11,500.  Eventually the victim learns the property cannot be sold by Gandarilla.  When they try to reach him to demand their money back, he does not answer the calls. 

Phoenix Police have identified 8 victims of Gandarilla’s fraud scheme, so far, with a total loss of $45,040. They are asking anyone who may have information about Alfredo Juarez Gandarilla to please call Silent Witness at (480) W-I-T-N-E-SS.