(KFYI News) – For the second time, the early ballots for the Aug. 26 primary that included a Peoria City Council race have failed to include a candidate's name.

The original mistake was made public on Tuesday by Ken Krieger, one of three candidates for the Mesquite district.  The names of his two opponents were on the ballot, but not Krieger's, due to a clerical error by the County Recorder's office.

Elections officials scrambled to re-print the ballot and mail it out to voters in the Mesquite district, along with a notice to voters to ignore the first ballot (which was yellow) and vote the second ballot (which was white) instead.

However, the printing company mistakenly re-printed the ballot without Krieger's name.  

"The proof sets were correct," elections director Karen Osborne tells KFYI News, but the vendor "re-printed the ballot with exactly the same error as the first time, and mailed them."

Osborne says her office is awaiting a decision by the city of Peoria as to how it wants to handle the situation now.  Because voters may return the ballots they've already received with votes made in other races, the city may decide to postpone the City Council primary until November, and then hold a special election for any runoff that may be needed.

Since the original error was based in the county elections department, taxpayers will have to foot the $15,000 cost of re-printing the ballots.  However, the second error was the fault of the print vendor, which will have to swallow the resulting cost.