(Fox 10) GILBERT, Ariz. - Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies served a search warrant at Green Acre boarding facility on Wednesday morning.
23 dogs staying at Green Acre died from apparent heat exhaustion on June 21.

One of the dogs reportedly chewed through an electrical cord to the air conditioning unit. Forensic experts on electricity  are at the scene investigating.

"I'm just confused, putting 28 dogs in a 9 by 12 room? There's something wrong there...with one little vent," said MCSO Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Austin Flake, Sen. Jeff Flake's son, and his wife were reportedly supposed to be watching the dogs while the facility's owners were out of town.
Arpaio says deputies tried to reach them, but they didn't call them back. Eventually they were tracked to Provo, Utah. When detectives confronted them, they said to talk to their lawyers.

Owners of the deceased dogs have been waiting for answers and many of them want criminal charges filed against the staff of the facility.

Deputies will reportedly dig in the backyard looking for buried dogs. The owner of the facility claimed her dog died in the incident and was buried there.
According to Arpaio, samples from seven dogs were sent to the University of Arizona and Michigan for testing. Detectives are looking at whether dogs had drugs in their systems.

Arpaio says he doesn't expect to make any arrests on Wednesday.